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MBito OBD Device

MBito OBD Device

74,40 € Regular Price
59,52 €Sale Price

Package Includes:

OBD Bluetooth device, that works with our MBito app;

Reading / clearing faults functionality (FREE);

Service functions / coding fun or hidden features on the car:

- Start/Stop system button memory function;
- Knight Rider LED headlights effect (applicable for vehicles with LED headlights);

- Stroboscope LED headlights effect (applicable for vehicles with LED headlights);

- Startup Logo change (NTG4.5, NTG5.1; NTG5.2, NTG5 Entry, NTG55, NTG55 Entry);

- Seatbelt Reminder off/on;

- Rear lights on with DRL;

- Celsius to Fahrenheit change and vice versa;

- L/100km to KM/L change and vice versa;

- Vehicle Data analog displays (NTG5.1 and NTG5.2);

- One-Touch blinker 3 to 5 times change;

- Engine Control Unit reboot;

- Automatic Gearbox reboot;


Coming soon:
- Carplay/Android Auto enable (NTG5.1, NTG55, NTG55ENTRY, NTG5E2);

- Startup Logo NTG6, HUE213;

- Ambient Colors number upgrade (NTG5, NTG55)

- Adblue Reset;

- Replacement modules coding;

And much more!


Device currently works with following Mercedes models:
W176; W242; W246; W117; W204; W205(pre-facelift); W207; W212; W218; W253(pre-facelift); W166; W292; W463; W156; W222(pre-facelift); C217(pre-facelift); W190; W197; W172; W231; W205(facelift); W253(facelift); W222(facelift); W213; W238; W257; W177; W247; W118; W293; W290; W167; W463FL



Your purchase helps us grow the product with new features and more stability. Please do not hesitate to send us feedback to about where we could improve, and what new features would be relevant to YOU!


Thanks for choosing us!

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