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FAQ & Support

Which Mercedes models will MBito work with?

MBito device and app are suitable to use with MY 2010-2020 Mercedes vehicles. Other modules will be supported with app updates in future as well.

Why are prices different for different functions?

Due to coding complexity, prices of functions and activations vary. The more complex function - the more credits it will require.

Can I use MBito app with other brand OBD2 bluetooth dongle?

No, MBito app will work only with our original MBito device, which you can purchase on this website.

What if I go to the dealer?

If you drive to the dealer and they update some module softwares, it is possible that the feature which you enabled with MBito tool will be disabled again. Please use the tool again to enable the desired function once more.

Is it safe to use it on my car?

Yes, MBito will only enable hidden features or execute some functions that are available in the car just not enabled. We are not making any changes to security and safety related systems, our goal is to customize car to your needs.

Can I change mileage of my car with MBito tool?

No, our tool is not designed for illegal activities. It is designed to entertain driver with adding cool features to the vehicle

My credit card is declined.

All purchases are made via Apple AppStore or Google Play store. Please check appropriate store settings and use their support to solve payment issues.

App crashes when I try to activate function

Please send us ticket to with car details and app crash description (best with pictures and videos).

Does the MBito device have warranty?

Yes, MBito device will have 2 years warranty for hardware starting from purchase date.

How can I track my MBito shippment?

When you make an order in our website, you will receive an email about successful order and another email with tracking details once the order is shipped.

MBito doesn't read my car.

Check if your car MY is 2010-2020. We do not support older or newer models at the moment, but that will change with app updates as we constantly develop the product further.

I have input wrong address during device order.

Please contact our support as fast as possible (support@mbito.ask) and we will try to modify the address if still possible. Unfortunately address cannot be modified once the shippment is already sent.

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